Bradford White Heat Pump Review AeroTherm Series

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The AeroTherm is the new heat pump water heater from the Bradford White manufacturer that is designed with the capacity of 50 gallons. The AeroTherm is the high efficient hybrid unit that combines the heat pump technology and features of the electric water heaters. It is available as the RE2H50R10 model, designed to heat water fast and with the first hour rating of 65 gallons, for high demanding homes.

Fast recovery and Energy Star compliance provide significant energy and money savings. The energy factor is 2.4, so when comparing to the conventional-type electric heaters, whose energy factor is close to one, the savings of the heat pumps are obvious.

As most of the heat pumps, the AeroTherm comes with the four operating modes, which brings more flexibility to its users.


Operating modes

Bradford White heat pump AeroTherm

The heat pump mode allows maximum energy savings, because only the heat pump is used (it draws the heat from the air to heat water), while the heating elements are not engaged. This mode is recommended for use in warm and mild climate regions where the ambient temperature will provide enough heat for the efficient water heater operation, while cooling the surrounding air at the same time. While in the heat pump mode, the energy efficiency is the highest while the recovery is slower.

The hybrid operating mode combines the heat pump and two 4.5 kW electric heating elements so the user can take advantage of the fast recovery during the long draws of hot water.

The electric mode allows the hybrid unit to operate as the electric water heater only, as the heat pump is not used. This is the least energy efficient mode, but it has the fastest recovery time.

Bradford White heat pump also uses the vacation mode that operates only to keep the water, inside the tank, warm enough so it doesn't freeze during the cold winter months. It keeps the temperature low, around 50F, and can be programmed to protect the unit for 3-14 days. It turns on a day before your return so that hot water is ready.

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Control panel

Aerotherm control panel

The operating modes can be controlled and set by using the control panel located at the upper front of the unit. The control mode also allows you to get the diagnostic information for easy troubleshooting, including the error codes (F1, F2…), number of days in vacation mode and temperature settings, all shown on easy to read LED display. The actual operating mode is visible on one of the LED diodes. The service mode can also be accessed by using the provided buttons. This is where you can view Thermistors, heating components status and view faults and counters.

Many users of the heat pumps from other manufacturers complain about the noise of the heat pump blower, but this is not the case with the AeroTherm, it has the quiet operating blower with the noise level of approximately 55 dBA.

For easy installation and maintenance, the water connections are located at the top of the unit. The water connections are standard ¾” size, dielectric type for longer water heater life. Since the heat pump is installed at the top, this is where the air filter keeps the unit clean from the dust and pollutants, it is washable and when it is dirty the system automatically alerts the user with the audio alarm. The clean filter also helps in keeping the efficiency high.


Bradford White heat pump comes with the warranty of 10 years.

(Photos courtesy of Bradford White)